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Bayboro Lending: Title Loans in St. Petersburg, Florida


Bayboro Lending offers title loans in St. Petersburg to use for any purpose.

Some come to us, because they need to prop up their finances until the end of the month. Others want to rebuild their credit rating after a financial decline like bankruptcy or a series of hard-hitting medical expenses.

Others still want to take advantage of all that Florida life has to offer. Maybe they haven’t had a holiday in a while and a few days in Jax and another few in Orlando sound like just the ticket back to good health and a good attitude.

But any and all of these activities are next to impossible to so without the cash to make them happen. That’s where title loans can fill in the gaps.



Bayboro Lending allows potential borrowers like you the opportunity to apply for a title loan online via our website. We are a title-loan company, which means that we can offer you cash if you have some sort of security. In the case of title loans, that security comes in the form of some sort of vehicle.

This is a standard collateral loan. While other types of collateral loans like a home loan have some pretty stringent guidelines for borrowers, title loans offer you a little more flexibility.

Usually the title-loan borrower is expected to have a car or other kind of vehicle with a free and clear title, which means that there are no liens against it. The borrower also needs to have some sort of income, though that may not come from a job.

Finally, the borrower usually needs to spend some time in the local Bayboro Lending office to pick up the loan. When this happens, he/ she also needs identification and references. However, this last part comes after the initial application is submitted online. The office visit is the last step.

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Loans of any sort need some sort of security. Often it’s a person’s credit history that allows him/ her to borrow money from a place like a credit union or bank. A good credit history and/ or rating is a form of security.

But in some instances, it’s not possible for a potential borrower to secure these kinds of loans. Maybe they have bad credit. For them, we offer another type of loan. Title loans use a car, truck, or motorcycle as the security for the loan. This replaces the need for good credit.
The borrower can then get cash based upon the value of the car.

The other advantage to this type of loan is that the borrower has more flexibility in terms of how the money is used. Usually when you get a loan, you have to explain to your bank or credit union how you’ll use the money. Because title loans are collateral loans, they come under less scrutiny in this regard.


Like most lending institutions, Bayboro Lending has some strict guidelines to follow when it comes to loaning people money. Our type of business faces regulations on the state level in Florida.

However, we also have some federal rules and regulations we must honor as well. The purpose of all this is for the borrower’s protection.

Like any sort of loan agreement, you’ll get a contract from us. This gives you information about your loan, the amount you borrowed from us, and other pertinent information. If you don’t understand any portion of your contract, please do ask!


Fortunately, applying for a car title loan is really easy. You can do it via our website. And then come to pick up your cash at your nearest signing location in St. Pete!
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We give real help to people who have poor credit. Our company can not only give these borrowers cash when they need it, but we also help these clients by giving them the opportunity to rebuild their credit rating, one loan payment at a time.

Your good credit rating rests upon your ability to pay back credit that has been granted to you. However due to unforeseen circumstances, you may have gotten behind on some payment or had to succumb to bankruptcy due to a hospital stay.

You need to have the chance to show that you are worthy of credit, something you often can’t prove without having credit extended to you. It becomes a vicious cycle.

In times like these, many people have turned to title loans. Depending upon the value of the borrower’s car, he/ she can get quite a bit of cash. The act of paying off the loan in and of itself will eventually return his/ her credit rating back to a higher status.

But there are some secondary benefits as well. Some people will use this type of loan to consolidate a lot of smaller payments, which may also be overdue. Once these bill also become current, the dings that these overdue payments put on a borrower’s credit will eventually be removed, thus boosting the credit rating even more.

It’s a win-win!

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